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Weight Loss Programs – We’ve All Done Them

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Weight Loss Programs – We’ve All Done Them

On August 25, 2019, Posted by , In weight loss programs, With Comments Off on Weight Loss Programs – We’ve All Done Them

Summer is here, we look in the mirror and what do we see? excess weight. The need to lose fat, depressing. We sit down with a pad and a pen and once again we think about a personal trainer, our hopes are high, we have three months to lose fat. We start with an eating plan, and work out what time of the day we can afford our 30-minute workout, not hard to do, we think.

Standing in front of the mirror we know we need to lose belly fat, we need to build muscle, and we need a good all-round eating plan. My hand goes to the phone and to call my old personal trainer I am already tired thinking about the strength training exercises he is going to put me through and already dreading the thought of what my body mass index (BMI) is going to be, the many impact workouts that I am going to have to survive to get the body I want and reach my ideal weight.

After reading and watching a video by a company called Hypoxi that use a futuristic low impact exercise system which has been scientifically proven to target stubborn fat around different key areas of the body such as abdominal fat. This also reduces visceral fat which is stored around key organs which can cause major health issues in the future.

Abdominal fat: the quickest way to lose it?

Having been a ‘ping pong’ dieter over the years and doing varies weight training and exercise for weight programmes I realised that creating upper body muscle and cardio workouts do nothing for the stubborn fat. Food portion control helps with fat loss which helps lose weight, unfortunately, in our busy daily life what I am looking for is a programme that can be done in 30 minutes, wonderful.

Looking at what the Hypoxi system offers and thinking to myself ‘I should try that’ I decide to make the call for a free session, the thought of removing stubborn fat in just 30 minutes over a number of sessions and not having to do high impact, weight loss exercise with the possibility of reducing any visceral fat I may have gained over the years, I am already feeling better about myself.

Ideal Weight, Self-image

After having children, you realise your body has changed, it is not as easy to lose weight after having a baby, we tell ourselves maybe we should have just stuck with looking after dogs, after all, we don’t need to carry them around for nine months and gain all this abdominal fat. The places that you gain weight whilst going through pregnancy is scary, even though I kept to a good eating plan.

When you think that the gain of weight is not purely on the outside but also in places around internal organs such as your liver which is called visceral fat. You think about the child you just brought into the world; it can be a scary wake-up call. This can spur you into dark thoughts, now is the time to do something about it. It’s hard enough being a first-time mother, it makes it harder when you feel bad about yourself. You start thinking about all the activities you want to do with your child as they get older. This was my personal driving force to lose the outside and inside fat.

Thinking about my last meal, pizza and coke and how it made me feel after eating, the bloating, the stomach cramps it made me laugh to think that the pizza actually reshapes itself around my stomach, and worst still my organs. Thinking about my need to lose weight, I realise it’s time to change the way I think. The best option is to start with a good weight loss program as this can help with your weight-loss direction.

Knowing that my ideal weight is a long way off, motivation is hard to find especially knowing a good cardio workout takes up an hour of my daily routine, an hour that is hard to spare. In order to achieve the body that I want to have and be able to go on to the beach in my favourite bikini which at the moment I cannot even get over my abdominal fat is worth me trying a different course of action. This is one of the things I love about the thought of using the Hypoxi system.

Looking at their website and reading through their weight loss exercise regime, it becomes apparent that there may be an easy way to achieve the weight loss needed to lose belly fat and visceral fat with only 30-minute sessions. Impact workouts are great; however, they are not easy and take some real commitment and time to achieve the results you want.

An eating plan alone does not help achieve the weight loss that is needed, to lose fat especially stubborn fat requires hard work and consistency. Even with the best cardio workout, stubborn fat is not easy to shift. This is one of the many benefits found with Hypoxi. We see many different ‘solutions’ for weight loss, and very few of these work, from diet pills to diet shakes, these do not work, well they do not work for me. The main aspects are having a good way to reach stubborn fat as well as healthy nutrition, this is another reason Hypoxi comes up as the first choice.

Everyone carries weight differently some people will carry it in their legs, some people in their core, and some carry it in the upper body. Carrying your weight in your back, for example, is not the best look when you want to wear a nice tight fitted top. The same applies to arm fat, this is also known as ‘bingo wings’. Both these areas can be known as stubborn fat and with this means they are hard to get rid of even with personal trainers. Reading about Hypoxi’s advanced vacuum and compression technology they help many people with these issues.

Weight loss can be a mental and physical challenge, it can challenge all parts of you and even bring you close to tears. Personal trainers are great, but sometimes we need more than this to really get to the core of the weight we want to lose. Weight training can be a great solution; however, this is very hard and sometimes we do not have the mental ability or stability to maintain this routine. To reach your ideal weight is challenging but once you are on your journey this just becomes part of your daily routine. Most people can find 30 minutes a few times a week to achieve the goals they want and lose fat. There are many exercises for weight loss, however, this has to fit into your everyday routines as well as match your personality.

Toning upper body fat with low impact exercise such as Hypoxi’s system appears to be a gentle approach to exercising. Looking at their excellent reviews it would seem that the program they offer works and something worth trying.

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